I am a licensed acupuncturist offering private sessions with individuals and small groups in Seattle, Washington. In addition to acupuncture, I use manual therapy and movement suggestions to offer clients a way to be self-supportive in creating enduring change.


Sliding scale of $30 – $60 per 60-minute individual acupuncture session. Pay what you can, no questions asked. Ten prepaid visits are available for $250, ($25/session)

Bodywork & Movement

Manual therapy and felt-sense focused movements create change in the fascial structure and proprioceptive patterning. Working this way can significantly ease the experience of living life on two feet, enhance mobility, and build resilience. $50-100 per 90-minute session

Abhyanga snehana is a type Ayurvedic bodywork. It is a soothing experience, characterized by working warm oil into the skin with rhythmic strokes from head to toe. 100 minutes, $80-120.

Individual & small group movement sessions emphasize soothing breathing patterns and awareness of subtle sensations. I am interested in observing what movement arises in response to felt sense, and how that evolves as apart of a healing experience.


The office is on the ground level, wheelchair accessible, with an ADA compliant washroom.


I do not bill insurance. This allows me to offer my services to a broader range of clients. Cash or check are preferred. Cards incur a $5 service fee.

Questions?     (206) 853-8666